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Candidate Testimonials

"I was initially working in the project management department and realised that procurement was my greatest strength, I had then applied to an altogether different position with WSR, Then Pamela was really kind and helpful to match my resume and skills to various job roles. Then, I got to interview Caljan, I am now 10 days into the role and enjoy every part of it"

Caljan Limited

Hitesh Pujala, 2022

“I would like to appreciate the cooperative team of WSR, the first time I called it instantly made me feel that I’m in good hands. The professional behaviour and attention towards my job search was incredible. In particular I would like to thank Pamela for being such a support. She connected me with my current job, she also called on the interview day to make sure I was confident to go through it and stayed in touch in regards to all the important information about the job on time. So the personal level of professional care their team provides is commendable”

Rida Yasin, 2022

My experience with WSR couldn't have been any better. From my first call with the WSRS team to the moment of starting my new role. Excellent service.

Thank you WSRS!


The support and guidance I received from WRS was nothing short of fabulous. 

Sheelagh played an instrumental role in me securing an amazing opportunity. She was approachable, knowledgable, friendly and professional at every step. She made the whole process so easy. Working Solutions Recruitment Services makes sure you showcase the best of what you have to offer at the interview. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Yes, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for new opportunities.


Thanks and regards 

-Abharajeetha Shriraam 



Abharajeetha Shriraam - 2021

Incredibly friendly and professional service, Sheelagh and the team placed me 5 years ago as an apprentice and has stayed in contact with me ever since, in that time I have progressed within my company gaining 4 promotions and have completed two courses at college, everyone at Working Solutions are very approachable and always willing to go the extra mile, making finding the position most suited for you very easy! Thank you Sheelagh and the team!


Steven, 2020

I just want to say quickly, I really appreciate this opportunity but also I'm glad to be dealing with you through all the paperwork and getting in because you're lovely and you've got everything sorted straight away and even checked up on how my shift went, where as past agencies I never had the enthusiasm to get things sorted or checked that everything went well, and personally I think it's amazing that's what agencies should be like, so I would definitely if anyone asked recommend Working Solutions 100%😊 so honestly thank you so much for you care and time😊

Jordan, 2020

​I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the team. Within 24 hours of forwarding my CV I was called and offered to go down to the office to discuss what sort of work I was looking for and the hours that I needed. I always thought that because I needed part time hours due to having children, this task was going to prove difficult, also the fact that I'd been out of work for a while I felt a little unconfident, again the team put me at ease and took a real interest in my family life. 48 hours later I was interviewed by a local employer and hours later I had a new job. Looking forward to my first day of work Monday. Thank you so much. 


​I'm delighted to spread the word about Working Solutions Recruitment, and whilst I realise we all appear to say the same things - they are all genuinely true. Sheelagh really is a resourcing superstar! WSR matched me perfectly, placing me in a senior role for a local entity of a global corporation. With a solid business focus, friendly brand of professionalism and specialist expertise. Without any hesitation, I'd highly recommend Sheelagh and her team at Working Solutions if you need to hire or are looking to be hired.


The best recruiter that I have ever met! I worked with Working Solutions Recruitment last year when I was looking for a new role. They really took time to understand my skills and explained fully the role they were putting me forward for, this in turn made the interview easier as I knew a lot about the job I was applying for. Following the interview I was delighted to receive my job offer within 48 hours, I can safely say that WSR perfectly matched me to what is now my current employer!


I have to say a big thank you to these guys, I only registered two weeks ago and I have a position already. THANKS GUYS. 


Would just like to say a big thank you to the staff members at working solutions recruitment for finding me my new work placement so quickly! I joined them on a Thursday and by the following Monday I was working! Thank you 


​I have been living in England now for 6 years and have never before received such a professional customer service as I have from Working Solutions. No inhuman or humiliating behaviour like at so many employment agencies. I felt very much as if they really need you and want to help you find work. There personal touch that they have and able to see your strengths and understanding your needs straight away help to find you work quickly. Once you have visited their office you leave feeling they are there to help you and you feel a lot happier with a fix job in your hands. I would recommend Working Solution Recruitment for anyone! 


​Big thanks to Sheelagh and her team for placing me in my new position. The whole process was made easy with Sheelagh's personal approach, wealth of experience, and her ability to understand my perfect role, and desire to work within a great team of like minded people. Thanks again for all your help - and all so quickly aswell!


It has to be said the staff at Working Solutions are absolute superstars. From First contact to placing a person in a job is an absolute pleasure. I don't want to pick out any one member because they all work hard at what they do. The personal touch is exemplary. I now have a job in which I believe will be the last job I have. Entrust your future in Working Solutions.


I have started a new position and I wanted to thank you for all the support you gave me.


The job is brilliant and the people are fun and nice to work with. It might only be a weeks work but it wouldn't have been possible without you, so I just wanted to say thank you very much