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HR Support Services

HR Support Services

Whether you would benefit from continued everyday HR support or are managing a project, we have the expertise to ensure you deliver valued and appropriate employee services. If you're interested in discussing how our experts can fully support the needs or your organisation, allowing you to focus on your business, please get in touch.

  • HR Retained

    • Support and guidance for handling Everyday HR issues such as advice on awkward employee queries and requests, absenteeism, or advice related to performance challenges

    • We'll keep you up to date and compliant with relevant legislative policies and procedures, starting with a Free Audit Review to understand your current situation

    • We offer a retained service so we can ensure we are available and On Call as and when you need us

  • HR Projects

    • When your company goes through periods of change or growth, we can fully support Team Restructures and offer Skills Assessments to best meet your business needs

    • We provide On-Site Support to help manage employee changes brought about by mergers and redundancy consultation

    • We can overhaul Employment Contracts, Staff Handbooks and other employee support documentation in response to your current needs

  • Employee Engagement

    • We'll help you to create and embed the most effective Reward, Recognition and Incentive Plans that will support your organisation's values and goals

    • Create Wellbeing and Mental Health programmes that truly meet the needs of your employees and also reflect the your organisation's intentions and culture

    • Support your organisation's people development plans with our Aptitude and Behavioural Profile Tools; optimising team building and performance