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WSR Helps to Break a Guinness World Record!

WSR Helps to Break a Guinness World Record!

6 months ago by Michelle Graham
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MK CAN Breaks Guinness World Record!

The Milton Keynes community has just achieved something extraordinary – a record-breaking feat that not only earned a coveted spot in the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ but also showcased the immense power of unity and generosity. MK CAN, an initiative led by MK Food Bank, successfully set the record for the Longest Line of Food Cans, with a staggering 102,447 cans creating a winding trail around Campbell Park.


This remarkable achievement is not just about the numbers; it's a testament to the spirit of community that runs deep in Milton Keynes. Approximately 100 businesses, 20 schools, 30 churches and faith groups, 50 community organisations, and 25 charities joined forces for this monumental effort.


The impact of this collective effort is nothing short of phenomenal. Beyond the thrill of breaking a world record, the cans collected during the MK CAN event will play a crucial role in supporting local families and individuals experiencing short-term crises. These food parcels are a lifeline for many in our community, providing essential nourishment and support during challenging times.


It's heartening to know that the cans collected represent a six-month supply for MK Food Bank. However, the need doesn't stop here. For those who were unable to contribute during the record attempt, there is still an opportunity to make a difference. Donations can be made online at [MK Food Bank's Local giving page]( Every can donated is a step toward ensuring that no one in Milton Keynes goes hungry this winter.


The success of MK CAN was made possible by the collaboration of various entities, and WSR was delighted to be part of such a great event and initiative. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to our collection efforts, helping us gather over 400 cans. Special appreciation goes to our clients, Selo, GEA, Matrix SCM, and Comms 365, whose generosity and support played a pivotal role in making our contribution significant.


The diversity of participants – businesses, schools, churches, community organisations, charities, and individual donors – reflects the inclusive and caring nature of Milton Keynes. This collaborative effort goes beyond breaking records; it's about building a resilient and supportive community.

A great day for WSR and the Milton Keynes Community!

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